A bright future
for securley connected medical devices
Don't sacrifice security for comfort, don't sacrifice comfort for security. With PROREGIA's secure connection framework you can enjoy both, and speed up development, verification and validation, too.

Medical device design is hard

Designing and developing medical devices is a highly complex process: Biochemistry, precision engineering, electronics and firmware development are essential to ensure patient safety.

don't make it harder

In recent years medical device companies had to master web technologies, smartphone app development, cybersecurity and more, to satisfy customer expectations. Frankly, it's getting a bit too much!

Focus on your strengths,
and leave cybersecurity to us.

reduce complexity

PROREGIA's secure framework for connected medical devices, encapsulates cybersecurity measures inside easy to use modules. Enjoy multi-layered cybersecurity defences without reinventing the wheel.

Launch your project faster with PROREGIA

Don't wait for cybercriminals to hack your connected medical device,

protect your digital territory now!

Mathias Eng, CEO

get instant approval

Our well documented, state-of-the art cybersecurity framework relies on best-practises from the banking, automotive, and telecommunication industry and will satisfy even the most selective requirements such as FDA Tier 1 device approval.

Improved time-2-market